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MediCool has an experienced management team with complementary skills…


Dr. Paul Friedman

Chief Technology Officer

  • World renowned electrophysiologist and Chair of the Cardiovascular Medicine Dept. at Mayo Clinic
  • Previous Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Cardiac Implantable Device Lab
  • Authored over 300 scientific publications and awarded over 40 biomedical patents

Jeff Rynbrandt

Chief Executive Officer

  • Proven commercial leader in CRM and AF markets
  • Commercialized multiple new devices and therapies across 3 different companies
  • 19 years experience in medical devices
  • B.S. from U.S. Military Academy and M.B.A. from Michigan State
  • Former Army officer

Peter von Alt

Chief Financial Officer

  • Proven corporate finance leader
  • Advised 40+ M&A deals and led IPOs in excess of $15B
  • 19 years of investment banking experience
  • B.S. from U.S. Military Academy and M.B.A. from Tuck School at Dartmouth
  • Former Army officer

Dr. Sam Asirvatham

Chief Medical Officer

  • World renowned electrophysiologist  and professor of medicine in the Mayo Clinic’s Division of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Director of strategic collaboration for the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation
  • Awarded over 11 patents in novel treatment of arrhythmias

Board of Directors

Rich Sanders

Executive Chairman

Dr. Paul Friedman

CTO & Director

Jeff Rynbrandt

CEO & Director

Dr. Sam Asirvatham

CMO & Director

Alan Witz

Secretary & General Counsel

Paul Williams



Art Foster

Lead Engineer

Joe Duerr

Device Engineer

Charles Ritrivi

Thermal Engineer

Walt Quinn

Director of Clinicals

Annette Zinn

Regulatory Affairs